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Two Days of Hope

#TeamSashka, we need your advice

Last two days were really amazing – with lot of contacts, media requests and new friends we found. Thank you, #TennisTwitter! While most of Sashka’s challenges are still open & waiting for their solutions, now we’ve got the most important asset – hope. As promised, we made a detailed report for #TeamSashka – please read to know what’s (unexpectedly) happened, and what to be ready for in the nearest future.


1. #TeamSashka. Please let us use this hashtag, ok? Thank you, #TeamSashka, for all your support, kind words and big job done. We feel your energy. You are powerful. You already generated positive results!

2. Top-10 player contacted us and offered help!!! I can’t reveal the name without this player permission. But it was really exciting for Sashka. Even the letter itself – so kind & supportive – was a huge motivation! The player suggested an assistance with tournament rackets & strings (Sashka now has 2 rackets only; she needs at least 4 rackets to play tournaments). Sashka accepted the offer with thanks. We are very happy that this great player appears to be a great human also.

3. Media coverage. Our story has got some press – from OKTennis, TennisCircus, BolaMarela and TheTennisIsland (in progress). Our thanks to #TeamSashka members who helped us to draw media attention.

4. Company request. We received a letter from a small manufacturer of tennis accessories. They might be interested in cooperation with Sashka, though they do not have sponsorship budgets. While I do not expect something revolutionary with this request, even a small income from that kind of cooperation can be a big thing.

5. campaign. Launched! We made a campaign available online yesterday, 13 December. Today we updated texts of campaign overview & campaign pitch (Dylan, thanks for help with editing!). The weakest point of the campaign is a video pitch, but I hope next Monday it will be fixed.

Currently we have 1 contribution by #TeamSashka member (you all know him well :). Hope this number will rise in future. Please feel free to contact us if you think we need to correct some texts on campaign pages etc.


We do not have ANY progress in job & citizenship issues. If you have any idea how to find a job I described in the previous article (point 1 & 2) – please contact.

Regarding citizenship: still open for offers. Does anybody know how to contact The Prince of Liechtenstein :)))?

The most unpleasant thing that nobody from Croatian tennis federation have contacted us yet… Simply to ask what’s going on or tell any news on Sashka’s citizenship. But not – they keep silence. Ok, we got it.


Sashka is working hard to be ready for a winter season. She is signed in for 2 ITF Juniors tournaments in January: Grade 2 in Slovakia and Grade 1 in the Czech Republic.

Grade 2’s acceptance list is already open. Sashka is #37 in the alternate list, so her chances to play in Slovakia are small :(. It is really sad as she has wins over girls who are in main draw of this tournament (Voracek, Rakhimova etc.). Chances to play in Grade 1 are also tiny.

What to do? #TeamSashka, we need your advice.

We have 3 scenarios possible, which of them looks more realistic for you? Or, may be, you can suggest 4th & 5th?

Scenario 1. Latin America. Travel to Latin America tournament series may put Sashka into top-200 of ITF Juniors ranking. If lucky a bit, even top-100 is a reality, so she can try to play junior Grand Slam quali already next year. It could save a lot of money, time and energy for future… but it requires immediate investments/sponsorship. Should we try to find 5,000-6,000 EUR now for Latin America tour? What do you think?

Scenario 2: Balkan tournaments. An alternate way is to play nearest tournaments in the Balkan region week by week, just as we tried last year. The biggest problem that most of tournaments in Balkans are low-graded (ITF Juniors 4 or 5). If high-graded, Sashka has absolutely no chances to enter even a quali – too few tournaments, too many players :). So she can collect point by point on small tournaments, waiting for the chances at the end of the year.

Scenario 3: Croatian tournaments. This is the most pessimistic, but currently the most probable way :(. At least, Sashka can keep a playing mood & gain some experience. She can play all available junior tournaments (ITF Juniors, TE U16, Nationals U16, U18) as well as try herself in women’s $10k-s qualis. But from the ITF Juniors career’s point of view this scenario is a complete catastrophe.

Please share your views and opinions in comment section or Twitter (with hashtag #TeamSashka).

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