Time to make a break

Time to make a break

We decided to make a long break with Sashka’s public activities – including both “Big Tennis Trip” and social media profiles updating.

Her blog, Twitter & Facebook won’t be updated from today until further announcement.

For sure, there is a reason for that – or several ones… but we’d prefer to keep them private.

We want to thank all #TeamSashka supporters. We honestly tried to create an “open-sourced” player, a player supported & promoted by tennis lovers worldwide. A player who will play for people she knows by names… Unfortunately, we failed.

Everything is good with an idea. It is all because Sashka is not good enough for this.

We stay in tennis though – you can follow Sashka through ITF Juniors / ITF website or apps like Resultina.

It was a big honor to communicate with all of you! Thank you again – for all your support!

Sashka & team

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  • Tennis Pro Guru

    I am pretty sad about this announcement, I read all articles here with great pleasure. Hope at least her Twitter presence will be saved 🙂
    Good Luck.