“Thank You” Saturday – Vol. 4 (plus some ideas for #TeamSashka to think about)

Thank You Saturday - Vol. 4

What a great moment – to say “THANKS” to you, guys, who helped us a lot this week. Plus, we would like to share some fresh ideas on how to make Sashka’s crowdfunding campaign successful, and how #TeamSashka can help.

That was a completely “WOW” week!

I wrote about our feelings earlier in the post “Two Days of Hope“. Maybe, it sounds too high – sorry, English is not my native language – but during this week you probably saved Sashka’s tennis future (no matter how exactly successful this future is going to be).

Let me explain. Due to known circumstances (if you visit our blog first time please read this and this), currently Sashka is undercoached & undertraveled player.

We have an excellent coach & good friend who works with Sashka. But he is a human being, who needs to earn for living – and we are not able to pay for his highly professional job for a long time.

So Sashka can practice when her coach has a free time for that, and it is not definitely enough. Sometimes, there is no available time at all – as the coach is also busy with other players, national & regional federations assignments etc.!

The same with tournaments: tennis travelling on junior level is a complex strategy, where you need to combine points, costs, tournament’s difficulty level, surface and many more factors. You need to stay in touch with other players/families – regarding doubles, travel costs & apartments sharing. You should plan long travels, sometimes for up to 1 month without returning home.

Your player should play tournaments for experience and points, and be prepared for those tournaments in the best possible way!

During bad times, a player (and her/his family) must go further & find a fuel for doing what they must do. That fuel is very natural: hope & belief that one day you’ll get enough practice in normal training facilities. One day you’ll be able to travel again to try yourself & prove you are good enough. One day you’ll come to the court, play all what you can – and win!

A month ago Sashka, though she is definitely a warrior – sometimes even too tough to live with under one roof 🙂 – started to lose that belief… But not now! And this is the greatest result of this past week – a hope & belief for Sashka sent to her by each & every #TeamSashka member. THANK YOU!


I want to say big “Thank you!” to our backers & contributors:

Larissa M., Pavitra G., Lodovico aka “Lodo” G. (@lodotennis), an anonymous contributor P.M., Michael J. (@lobwinners), Jake K. (@player3jrk), Alberto the Chev (@AlbertoScevola) and Hyerin K.

You all are absolutely AWESOME! While it is only beginning, and a lot of job is still ahead – you made this beginning a reality.

Crowdfunding & what every #TeamSashka member can do

I would like to emphasize one thing: we do not rely on crowdfunding only.

This week we met a local realtor to discuss whether we can sell our house to fund Sashka (the outcome: yes, but we need time up to 1 year & money).

We visited a couple of banks to discuss whether we can attract a loan to convert our house into a family bad & breakfast (the outcome: no, you are refugees and can’t get a loan even if a loan secured by real estate).

We contacted – and have been contacted by – potential private sponsors & supporters, and this is where some success may occur as early as next week (credits to F.R.).

We are really knocking all doors.

A week before our campaign started, I wrote a request to a well-known company which specializes on crowdfunding consulting. They answered soon, they were very nice & considerate… but their main message sounded as: “No chances“.

They are great experts in their business… but we still decided to try. Sashka was a main driver of that decision.

She said: “You always ask me just to play, not to think about result. You tell me that a loss is just one moment of tennis life, and tomorrow there will be a next match with a chance to win. So why you, parents, are afraid to try this? You can lose – and what? Tomorrow will be your next match.”

So we are in. But it is a tough match – and we need your help, #TeamSashka, again!

The level of support for Sashka in Twitter is really amazing, but #TennisTwitter itself is relatively small. Now it is a time to gain a wider exposure – I believe this is the only way to meet our crowdfunding campaign targets & win this battle.

What can we do together?

1. A top player endorsement. One, just one public endorsement from a prominent player, like Novak or Angelique, could secure Sashka’s tennis journey for nearest 2 years. After all, crowdfunding is about small contributions made by many people. Novak has 6.77 mln. followers. If 1% of them contributes just 1 EUR each – less than a cup of coffee costs – the goal will be reached. But how to contact these top-star players? How to draw their attention? How to deserve their endorsement? Do you have any idea?

2. A wider tennis community. There is a list of top-100 tennis blogs.  Can we ask them to write a couple of word about Sashka & her campaign? How to do it in the best way?

3. Non-tennis community. There are thousands of innovatively thinking people at Kickstarter & Indiegogo who regularly support creative ideas or good causes. How can we reach them?

4. Contribute. We are still far from the campaign target – it is only less than 1% backed. We know (very well) that sometimes a person can be really limited with his/her financial means. We appreciate your non-financial help & support – so every #TeamSashka member is greatly welcomed with fresh ideas, contacts, time & energy. But if you have some extra, and you can contribute it for Sashka’s fight to continue – please do it.

Thanks for reading & for your continuous support of Sashka.

Thank you all for making a miracle by YOUR own hands.

P.S. Do not forget to join Sashka’s practice broadcasting on Monday – through Periscope app. She will be very happy!

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