“Thank You” Saturday – Vol. 3

"Thank You!" Saturaday - Vol. 3

It’s “Thank You” Saturday! We post our acknowledgements to people who supported Sashka this week.

We would like to say a huge “Thanks!” to Dylan Wright from who is helping us with this project. Dylan, best wishes to you from Sashka & team!

Greetings to all Sashka friends on her Facebook page. If you did not formally “like” it, it is time to do it.

Big thanks to Twitter user Lodo (@lodotennis) for commenting Sashka’s tennis videos. She is constantly working to improve her FH (as well as BH, serve, return, movements etc.).

Best wishes to Susanne (@susithews) for the words of support and participation. Your words really matter for Sashka – thanks!

Meanwhile, we are alive and fighting. Yesterday we entered Sashka to 2 tournaments in January 2017: Grade 2 in Slovakia from January 9, and Grade 1 in the Czech Republic from January 16.

We expect that Sashka will enter quali draw at least at one of these two tournament (may be both?). Still no financing for this travel, so your help will be greatly appreciated.

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