“Thank You” Saturday – Vol. 2

“Thank You” Saturday – Vol. 2

It is Saturday – so we are writing “big thanks!” to everybody who supported Sashka during this week.
I would like to thank Ms. Valerie Tetreault from Tennis Canada (@TennisCanada) for her words of support and participation.

Next week I will publish a couple of articles about being a refugee player in tennis. Have you ever been detained by Turkish SWAT police, when you are on the way to European Championships U12? Or refused to obtain U.S. visa to Global Nike Masters after you win regional Nike Masters selection? Or rejected by National Team because you are unable to travel with it to Great Britain? It is all is an everyday reality for Sashka, all cases are the real ones from here recent memories.

So our search for a normal citizenship is not a whim, or attempt to find a better from a good. It is a critical thing to continue a regular tennis process for Sashka. Otherwise there is always a possibilty to be late on the plane/train/tournament sign-in time… or not to reach the tournament at all. Unfortunately, we do not have ANY progress from Croatian state bodies regarding Sashka’s citizenship yet…

Ok, let’s go back to more pleasant things – our acknowledgments :).

Sashka and I would like to thank a small entrepreneur, Mr. Orhan Zeka, who runs a bakery shop just opposite our cafe in Porec, Croatia. Orhan is a simple and wise man. As most of small businesses in Croatia, he survives more than earns so he can’t support us by financial means. But every single day he finds inspiring words to keep us fighting and believing. Thank you, Orhan!

Big thanks go to Susanne Thews (@susithews), Christopher Levy (@tennis_shots), Celeste (@TripleBreakPt), queenradwanska (@queenradwanska) for supporting Sashka in social media. People, you are awesome!!!

(BTW, if I do not mention you above, may be I just do not see your post or link – so feel free to share it with me.)

We would like to congratulate Nastya Potapova (@nastiaapotapova) and Alexander Ostrovsky (@netkrizisa) with an excellent performance & final result of 2016. You all deserve it! Nastya is an oustanding player & bright, sunny personality. I believe she will become a real gem of WTA tour very soon.

That’s all for today, folks. Have a nice weekend, and we’ll come back to our tennis.

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