“Thank You” Saturday – Vol. 1

Thank you, Sashka's global team!

Every Saturday morning I am going to do a very pleasant thing – say “thank you” to everybody who made (and still are making) Sashka’s life-long tennis trip possible. Let’s make it a good tradition of this blog. Thank you, Sashka’s global team! You motivate all of us: Sashka – to work harder and believe in herself, and our family – not to give up & “knock all doors”, every single day.

First of all, I’d like to thank our first financial crowdfunder, Mr. Subhash K. You are always be the first, Subhash!

When she plays Grand Slam final – in Wimbledon or Paris – you can proudly say: “I am one of the very first people in the world who support this girl”.

My greatest acknowledgments go to Sashka’s coach Juraj Dusparic (@jurajpro) and tennis club “Pro 2000” from Porec, Croatia. Besides of all things Juraj has been doing for Sashka for years, he & his friends  made her travel to current tournament, ITF Juniors Grade 4 “Junior Zagreb Cup”, possible.

I send my best wishes & thanks to Robi Crnkovic, a highly professional coach & good man, who helps Sashka with tennis conditioning and fitness.

I want to say biggest “thank you” to our Twitter friend, an excellent tennis writer Ana Mitric (@ana_mitric). Ana is helping us every day with a lot of important things. Every her advice & connection is invaluable!

My warmest wishes to Jelena Bagaric (@JelkicaB) and the whole RTL team who made Sashka’s first TV appearance possible.

I want to say “thank you” to Colette Lewis (@zootennis) who writes an extremely interesting & useful blog Zootennis about junior & college tennis.

If you are a tennis parent, a coach, or you are just curious who will top world’s tennis ranking lists in 5-10 years, Colette’s blog is a must-read.

My acknowledgements to everybody who contacted Sashka & our team with suggestions & advices. We are happy to hear from you!

Finally, I would like to specially thank Twitter user, Jimmy Soixante-Dix (@hotdog6969), who very first from Twitter tennis community mentioned Sashka’s story and retweet it. You start this all running!

Meanwhile, we are going further. Sashka had departed to Zagreb yesterday. She is going to visit Davis Cup Final matches, but the main reason for the travel is to be well prepared & play ITF Grade 4 tournament which will start on Monday. Sashka plays both singles and doubles (with Laura Masic). You can follow her perfomance on ITF website, we will also cover it here, basing on her & her coach reports.

Thank you all one more time & have a beatiful day!

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