“Thank You” Saturday/Sunday – Vol. 5 (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

Merry Christmas & Happy Tennis New Year!

Merry Christmas to our friends, readers and contributors! We are saying “THANK YOU!” to all who helped to make Sashka’s tennis dream a little bit more realistic.

First, I would like to thank our contributors of the past week. And – this is something more than just “thank you!” for the donation.

I believe that almost every person can contribute a cost of morning coffee cup to the good cause.

Sashka’s story got thousands of quotes & retweets for these couple of monthes. If every person who showed sympathy, contributes a really small amount – which he/she spends daily for a public transport ticket or a kind of snack – Sashka would prepare now for tennis season-2017, not “Big Tennis Trip” through winter Europe.

Instead, we have our campaign fulfilled less than 2%. A vast majority of people read Sashka’s story, honestly sympathize, quote, retweet & forget. Why so?

Sashka is ready for Big Tennis Trip

Sashka is ready for Big Tennis Trip

It is very easy to compassionate to somebody. But it is much harder to co-participate in that person’s fight. Again, this is not about money – for most people, a couple of EUR/USD won’t make any difference. “Quote & retweet” compassion suggests that somebody else will help Sashka. Co-participation is all about standing & fighting together with Sashka & team. Co-participation is about REAL belief than SASHKA & YOU, together, can win this life-long tournament.

Good words alone can’t change the picture. Good words and action (even a small one!) do can.

So our big thanks go to people who co-participated Sashka’s battle to stay in tennis this week:

Pavitra G., our decent & frequent contributor;

Sara T. (@saratavares) – best wishes fly to Brazil;

Borja L.R. (@borjaworldpeace) – we hope to meet you in Spain, Sashka will definitely play something there soon;

Federico R. (@diabloroma) – Federico’s help was very timely, as it went directly to Sashka, not through IndieGoGo. While we welcome IndieGoGo contributions, we do not have access to those funds till the current campaign ends (in the middle of February 2017). Federico’s direct transfer allows us to start our “Big Tennis Trip” on Tuesday. Thank you & greetings to Italy!

Pablo S. (FB page) – our new good friend from Argentina;

Stefano B. (@Carretero77) – now we want to visit Santa Croce ITF Grade 1 even more than before, so hope to see you there!

– our anonymous contributor R.L. – thank you for a warm & gorgeous letter;

Miguel L.N. (@ITFkillersBets) and the whole tennis community of Mallorca, Spain;

– another anonymous contributor P.R. – many, many thanks!

Thank you all, #TeamSashka!

Finally, we want to say special thanks to an excellent player & beautiful personality Belinda Bencic (@BelindaBencic), who endorsed Sashka in her Twitter account:

Thank you, Belinda!

Thank you, Belinda!

We wish Belinda the very best success in Australia & the rest of season, and we all will support her with our hearts & passion!

Friends, we wish you the happiest Christmas & New Year you can imagine :). Stay tuned, love tennis, see you soon.

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