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10 tips & tricks of LOW-COST tennis


I wrote this for individual players & families who are trying to proceed in junior competitive tennis on a tight budget. So if you – just like us – count every dollar/euro while keep going further on tennis trainings & tournaments, may be this will be helpful for you. I will also welcome your own tips & tricks on the matter – below in “Comments” section and on our social network profiles (twi, fb).
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Coach Writing...

Going to Hamburg!


There are quite a lot of routine tennis things happened since my previous post. We spent hours on the court daily, working on what we can improve fast, both technically & tactically. We still can’t forecast where is Sashka’s “honest” place in ITF Juniors ranking (#379 now) whether she is sitting too high or too low at the time. But one thing is quite definite: we have a training process “close to normal” now, so it is time to play tournaments and try to earn some experience & ITF points.
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Tournaments & Trips

Sashka On The Go: Day 3 & 4 (road to home)

Sashka in Bratislava

Day # 3 started extremely early – at 5:40 a.m.! The tournament venue had 3 courts only. The matches scheduled to start at 8 a.m., so the only available time for practicing & warming-up is from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m (last half an hour reserved for the first match players). If I say that Sashka is an early bird, it won’t be true. So this wake up was really, really hard to complete. Soon or late, but at 6:30 we sat in the taxi driving us to the venue…
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Life Beyond Tennis

An incredible story about tennis, Norway (!!), big fishing boat (!!!) & one crazy tennis parent

HERMES - a modern fishing vessel where I hoped to work

Hi, it is Sashka’s father writing.

You probably heard before some amazing stories about insane things tennis parents can do for their kids. Let me tell you my story as well.

While it failed with no results, I still believe I did not waste my (last) money, time and faith. I do not know why, but I am sure that one day this experience & strong determination to help Sashka continue her tennis career will pay off. What if not? Well, at least I will regret about those things I did – but not about those I didn’t.

So once upon a time, one tennis family faced with big problems. A father’s company just got bankrupted – burying his savings and professional reputation. This family lived in a non-native country, with refugee passports. They were (actually, they are) significantly limited in their rights and couldn’t count on any help from the state or local authorities. Nobody wanted to give them a job – as they are refugees speaking not-so-good local language, not having local working experience etc.

The most important thing was they must finance their daughter junior tennis perfomance. They all together – a girl and her family – spent 10 years to reach quite a good tennis level. She is a promising young sportsperson. So they decided to fight…
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