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Working inside the court


This is just a small part of the morning practice a week ago. Sashka & Juraj are working on Phase 3 shots (finishing the point).

Now Sashka is sick (as well as Nazar, our younger son). There is no heating in our house, and it is -2C outside in the night, so both kids got cold. Nothing serious though.

Later today I’ll write a separate post on the situation. Hope to hear your ideas & advices.


Life Beyond Tennis

An incredible story about tennis, Norway (!!), big fishing boat (!!!) & one crazy tennis parent

HERMES - a modern fishing vessel where I hoped to work

Hi, it is Sashka’s father writing.

You probably heard before some amazing stories about insane things tennis parents can do for their kids. Let me tell you my story as well.

While it failed with no results, I still believe I did not waste my (last) money, time and faith. I do not know why, but I am sure that one day this experience & strong determination to help Sashka continue her tennis career will pay off. What if not? Well, at least I will regret about those things I did – but not about those I didn’t.

So once upon a time, one tennis family faced with big problems. A father’s company just got bankrupted – burying his savings and professional reputation. This family lived in a non-native country, with refugee passports. They were (actually, they are) significantly limited in their rights and couldn’t count on any help from the state or local authorities. Nobody wanted to give them a job – as they are refugees speaking not-so-good local language, not having local working experience etc.

The most important thing was they must finance their daughter junior tennis perfomance. They all together – a girl and her family – spent 10 years to reach quite a good tennis level. She is a promising young sportsperson. So they decided to fight…
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Tennis drilling – how we make it


Drrilling is an essential part of any tennis practice. It is extremely important for competitive girls/women to be stable & consistent. Watch this short video to see how Sashka works on this element.


Tournaments & Trips

Withdrawal from ITF Juniors in Otocec: no money – no party :(

Withdrawal from ITF Juniors Grade 4 - Otocec, Slovenia

Today we have withdrawn Sashka from ITF Juniors Grade 4 tournament in Otocec, Slovenia – KRKA Open 2016.

Sashka was #10 in acceptance list. Her chances to perform well on this tournament were quite high, counting the progress she demonstrated during latest practices. Sashka almost recovered from the leg muscle injury. She lost several kilograms, became more mobile and flexible. Her mental stance is far from perfect – but you need to take into attention that she is 15, it is a “hard age”… for any parents :).

We did not find 250 EUR to finance her trip to Otocec. No pain, no regret – it is just a reality of current days. What`s next? To play where she really can (Zagreb). To work harder. To pray… harder & harder.
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Info & Other

The very first post – about our life & tennis


If you are reading this, you are here for the reason.

You like tennis. Or you like us. Or you dislike us (but you should definitely like tennis).

Or you just enjoy watching someone`s else life – just like a reality show. Well, we do not mind :). Actually, we have made this web site to make it easier.  So welcome to the show of one (quite common) tennis family – broadcasting uncensored.

Let me introduce myself: I am a Father. This morning I woke up in 6:30 a.m because of feeling cold. I added some woods to our fireplace, but it didn`t change situation dramatically. So I took the only electric heater from my son`s room and moved it to our bedroom. Not for a long time – in an hour I need to put it to the bathroom, so kids have their morning shower in warm space.
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