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How we met our – calm & reliable – hitting partner (part 2)

Our electric team member & working horse

Just to be clear: this machine saved Oleksandra’s tennis career – at least, on current level. If we do not have it, Sashka wouldn’t definitely reach that level where she is now (National Junior Champion & world Top-500 junior player).

Nobody knows for sure (except me 🙂) whether she will ever enter pro tour & when she will manage to do this, but without this purchase she would probably finish with competitive tennis this spring.

This is our honest review of Lobster Grand 5 Elite LE tennis ball machine & its usage in training process of a competitive junior female player. While we got a discount from local Lobster dealer, we are NOT obliged to post any promotional articles about the machine. That’s why we will notice some “cons” as well as many well-deserved “pros” of Lobster Grand 5 Elite LE.
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How we met our – calm & reliable – hitting partner (part 1)

Lobster Elite Grand 5 LE

The most expensive part of rising a competitive junior tennis player is NOT a travelling.  Racquets, strings & shoes can cost quite a lot, but it is just a tiny percentage of a total budget. It can be challenging to pay for a court time, but if you are a member of community tennis club, it is much easier to access tennis courts for reasonable yearly membership fee…

But you almost always need to pay A LOT for a coaching (except if a family member is a coach himself/herself) or hitting assistance. Furthermore, it is also the most unstable part of common “practice construction”. A hitting partner can be sick, tired, demotivated, on the go with other job… or just decide to quite because he does not like you! Usually it happens at the time you need him/her most of all, so you get unexpected & unnecessary trouble!

That’s why we decided to use a tennis ball machine in Sashka’s everyday practice – as an addition to a “live” coach-hitter, not a replacement. In this post I will describe how this idea was born & became reality, and also tell about our first steps to buy & deliver the machine.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: this is NOT a promotional post. We did have a (modest) discount from the tennis ball machine vendor, but Sashka does not have a sponsorshir or endorsement contract with it. So it is a honest end user’s review (the first of a few) with all “pros and cons” of the gadget.
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