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7 Questions & Answers about Sashka’s “Big Tennis Trip” in September-October 2017

Big Tennis Trip 2017 - preparation started

Yes, we are trying to do this again! This time, we take more timeframe to prepare ourselves and make this experience even more exciting for us & interesting to follow for our friends & readers (we will blog, tweet, youtube & live-broadcast every single day of our trip!).

So what is the “Big Tennis Trip”? For 2 months, day by day, Oleksandra (accompanied by her coach Mate) is going to play street tennis on central squares of European cities. One day – one city (with several days off, for sure)! So everybody can join Sashka and play a couple of points vs. her – no need to go to a tennis club!

Why are we doing this? How exactly is it going to look like? What cities do we plan to visit? How can you participate in this breathtaking event organisation? Why do we think this trip is REALLY important not only for Sashka, but for many people around the world? Read 7 Q&As below (and do not forget to ask more questions if you have them).
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Life Beyond Tennis

#AskSashka: all questions & answers – in one post

Sashka on her practice

While travelling through Italy by bus (her final destination was ITF Juniors Grade 1 tournament in Santa Croce), Sashka started a “flash Q&A session” tagged as #AskSashka. It was very interesting & enjoying experience for everybody who took part in it, including Sashka herself! So we decided to place all questions & answers in one place – please find them below.

BTW, if you wanna ask something more, do not hesitate to do it (be sure to include @sashkatennis in your q’s text so we definitely see it).
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Tournaments & Trips

“Big Tennis Trip” – from Trieste to Stockholm, with tennis bags, without car & money


Dear friends, contributors & supporters, my favorite #TeamSashka,

I would like to announce an exciting (though a little extreme) bit of news.

On Tuesday, 27 December, we are departing to “Big Tennis Trip“.

This is NOT a tournament.

This is NOT a practice.

This is NOT a camp.

We (me and my Dad) are going to visit 50 European cities, with just two tennis bags and mini-tennis net, and play tennis on their central squares! Continue Reading

Tournaments & Trips

Two Days of Hope

#TeamSashka, we need your advice

Last two days were really amazing – with lot of contacts, media requests and new friends we found. Thank you, #TennisTwitter! While most of Sashka’s challenges are still open & waiting for their solutions, now we’ve got the most important asset – hope. As promised, we made a detailed report for #TeamSashka – please read to know what’s (unexpectedly) happened, and what to be ready for in the nearest future.
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