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Current update: “Big Tennis Trip 2017” – start in 10 days!

Sashka is on the court

It is less than two weeks before Sashka’s unprecedented action, “Big Tennis Trip 2017”.

Just to remind – she is going to travel for almost 2 months without a break (!), playing street tennis on central squares of biggest European cities. We are doing an intensive preparation now, with some successes and some fails already. This is a small update on how everything’s going on by now.
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Working inside the court


This is just a small part of the morning practice a week ago. Sashka & Juraj are working on Phase 3 shots (finishing the point).

Now Sashka is sick (as well as Nazar, our younger son). There is no heating in our house, and it is -2C outside in the night, so both kids got cold. Nothing serious though.

Later today I’ll write a separate post on the situation. Hope to hear your ideas & advices.



Tennis drilling – how we make it


Drrilling is an essential part of any tennis practice. It is extremely important for competitive girls/women to be stable & consistent. Watch this short video to see how Sashka works on this element.



Boys do this better!

Roger`s beautiful forehand

Watch this stunning video explaining the (huge) difference between ATP and WTA forehands. Do NOT call me a sexist – this video also shows that some girls DO can play ATP-style shots if coached properly.
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