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Sashka is back!

Short, but good vacation in Croatian Lim Bay before relocation far from the sea

We went offline for almost two weeks for a quite important reason – a complete restart of Sashka’s tennis career. She has relocated to another city & club. She replaced her coach & training system. Finally, she is trying to change her mental stance to really believe that the hardest part of her life is behind her, and “the sky is clear” now, at least for several monthes.
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Coach Writing...

Off-season: what’s now?


So 2016 junior tennis season is officially closed for Sashka. I think it was a very successful tennis year… in wrong & unhappy environment.

For sure, it is not a big deal to finish season on #430 position of ITF Juniors rankings. But this is a huge achievement if someone takes into account where Sashka started (#1000) and what this year looked like for our family.

When Sashka played quali in Italy ITF Grade 2 this spring, we had money enough only for 3-nights stay in the cheapest hotel and auto gas to reach the tournament venue & return home. No budget for food at all!

So I put in the car some canned meat, potatoes, vegetables and bread from home, and cooked it in the hotel bathroom (!!!) using compact multi-cooker. Sashka played excellent quali there – probably because she was tired of my food 🙂 & aimed to get full hospitality (incliding meal) after entering main draw.

Anyway, we are at finish point of year 2016 and simultaneously ready to start into 2017.  But… where to go?
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