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The very first post – about our life & tennis


If you are reading this, you are here for the reason.

You like tennis. Or you like us. Or you dislike us (but you should definitely like tennis).

Or you just enjoy watching someone`s else life – just like a reality show. Well, we do not mind :). Actually, we have made this web site to make it easier.  So welcome to the show of one (quite common) tennis family – broadcasting uncensored.

Let me introduce myself: I am a Father. This morning I woke up in 6:30 a.m because of feeling cold. I added some woods to our fireplace, but it didn`t change situation dramatically. So I took the only electric heater from my son`s room and moved it to our bedroom. Not for a long time – in an hour I need to put it to the bathroom, so kids have their morning shower in warm space.
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