Support Sashka!

There are different options to support Sashka on the way to her dreams.

Our main goal is to unite people around the (crazy) project of creation a tennis player by wide usage of the crowd’s efforts, resources & energy.

Money is a vital part of the project – but definitely not the main one. We look for your participation & ideas. Your contacts and connections will be greatly welcomed. At last, at the age of sharing economy, everybody may have something which costs him/her a zero, but can be greatly valued by Sashka. Think about a free room in your house for a tournament week, or airlines bonus miles.

Oleksandra "Sashka" Oliynykova, the world’s first crowdfunded tennis player

Oleksandra “Sashka” Oliynykova, the world’s first crowdfunded tennis player

For sure, we need some cash to proceed with this project. But the requested sums are not exorbitant.

Sashka needs to travel to tournaments – so we need to pay for tickets, hotel rooms, tournament fees & services (like re-stringing or physio).

She spents enough money for “tennis consumables” – like rackets, strings and shoes.

At last, from time to time we have to pay to her temporary hitting partners (Sashka does not have a full-time coach at the moment).

That’s it!

Join our team today to make a great tennis innovation together! When we say “join” – we really mean this: you will watch live practices & matches, follow Sashka in her travels, share with us the sweet wins and bitter losses of our player. Welcome on board!

Click here to know how to donate/crowdfund Sashka (any amount, even 1 USD or 1 EUR, will be greatly appreciated; we have some thank-you souvenirs for our supporters!)

If you want to be a private sponsor (this means that you or your company alone invest a reasonable amount in our player), please click here to find more info.

If you would like to invite Sashka play for your country or tennis clubplease follow this link.

Finally, you can always help us by spreading the word among your friends, readers & followers. On this page you will find a full list of our social media, as well as Sashka’s profile on International Tennis Federation website, her tournament schedules etc.