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Sashka’s tournament schedule for January 2017


This is where Sashka is going to play next month. There is still a window for big surprise: if a private sponsor comes till Dec. 20, we will change everything for Latin America. But a probability of such an outcome is low. So we opt for more realistic schedule.

Sashka's tournament schedule for 2017

Sashka’s tournament schedule for 2017

The tournament month may start on January 8, when quali matches on “The 24th Slovak Junior Indoor U18 2017” begin. But counting on current acceptance list, we should NOT rely on it. If somehow Sashka is in the quali draw, we will update you immediately.

The same situation is with “RPM Junior Open 2017“: though acceptance list is not published yet, most of seeded players will probably move from Senec to Prague. Sashka’s chances to enter the quali draw are mostly theoretical.

So her targets now are two tournaments in Bosnia & Hercegovina. Till the end of the week Sashka is in “interseasonal” mode (more fitness – less tennis). From next Monday we are going to gradually add tennis volumes to make her ready for the first two battles of 2017 season.

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