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Sashka’s letter to tennis clubs of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France & Switzerland

Sashka during her quali match at Santa Croce ITF Juniors Grade 1 international tournament

Dear tennis friends,

Dear players, coaches, captains & managers of tennis clubs & teams,

My name is Oleksandra Oliynykova. I am a refugee & junior tennis player.

Honestly speaking, I am the least probable person to become a pro tennis player.

My family does not have enough money to support my practices & tournament travels though they work hard to supply me with necessary basics (racquets, balls, shoes etc.).

I am a refugee, a person without citizenship (full story here) – so I can’t count on big help of domestic tennis federation or local sponsors.

Finally, I do not have an outstanding, phenomenal talent – all my wins & achievements happened because of hard work and full devotion, day after day.

The only thing I definitely have with me all the time through is my belief & desire to become a tennis player – despite all obstacles.

That’s why I am departing to the “Big Tennis Trip 2017” – to play street tennis on central squares of 50 European cities, promote tennis among wider public (including those people who can’t access it now) and support my crowdfunding campaign.

That’s why I am writing this to ask for your assistance – as my colleagues in playing & loving tennis.

I am departing on 4 September from Maribor, Slovenia – to cross Slovenia, Austria, Germany & the Netherlands to north, then Belgium, France & Switzerland to south, and finish on 4 November in Zagreb, Croatia.

In each of 50 cities I am going to play tennis on streets in evening time – but also keep normal tennis practicing in mornings, make my drills, tennis technics & tactics etc. I would also like to meet new tennis people around Europe, play matches with different opponents, have some trainings in tennis schools & academies.

I would be very thankful if you & your respected tennis club provides me with some technical assistance while I stay in your city during “Big Tennis Trip 2017”.

For one day I stay in your city, I need a tennis court for a couple of morning hours to make my tennis practice. If you have somebody who want to hit with me (a junior player, coach etc.)  – I’ll happily do it.

I’ll be also very glad to participate in your club activities: kids days, charity auctions, amateur plays etc. Please feel free to contact me back if you have any idea on that.

I am doing something challenging – to follow my tennis dream and motivate others to do the same. Hope you’ll agree to be a part of this (positive, inspiring & breathtaking) tennis challenge!

See you soon somewhere on tennis courts!

Oleksandra “Sashka” Oliynykova
a tennis player / refugee / tennis dreamer & fighter

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