Sashka’s IndieGoGo campaign is finished… what’s next?

IndieGoGo campaign is officially ended!

Technically the campaign has failed – as we attracted less than 2% of targeted sum. But a lot of things have been changed around us for these 2 monthes in a positive way, and these changes are definitely connected with our crowdfunding attempts. Sashka is still in competitive junior tennis process – that’s the main outcome. She has got a lot of new friends, and we feel support of tennis community whereever she goes. What’s next? Play tennis and reach new highs, it’s that simple.

We would like to thank (again!) to all our financial contributors – both IndieGoGo and direct. Particularly, I want to say “Big thanks!” to Christopher M. (@MabieKhan) who’s became Sashka’s last IndieGoGo supporter before the campaign’s end.

We did not collect a lot. But every dollar of your donation is a great value for Sashka. During recent tournament in Hamburg we paid 30 EUR / night for the room to stay. For 6-7 EUR she can have a normal daily nutrition. 15 EUR is a cost of racket restringing. Even a small donation covers some really important needs!

If you opted to receive some perks as a part of the crowdfunding campaign – please give us 1-2 weeks to prepare & send it. This Sunday Sashka will depart for ITF Juniors Grade 4 tournament in Nurnberg, Germany. We all are in “full preparation” mode now! We will start to send out Sashka’s gifts as soon as we return from Nurnberg. Thanks for your patience!

You still can support Sashka directly – please follow this link to see main options or contact us.

What’s now? We have secured some resources to practice, travel & play international tournaments for the first half of 2017. These opportunities came NOT from crowdfunding… and they are very short-term, so there is no secure vision of late 2017 & further for our family.

But we are optimistic… or just do not want to think about the future :). Sashka is going to play ITF Grade 4 in Germany next week, than 3 tournaments in late March – early April, and three tournaments in May. Our goal is to prepare her to May tournaments as good as we really can.

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