Tournaments & Trips

Sashka goes to your city (probably)


Daughter & father. Tennis practice in the morning. Fundraising at the central square of your city in the evening. Train or bus at night. Repeat daily for 50 days. Unreal? Watch us.

Sashka is in the main draw of the first Bosnia ITF Grade 5 tournament, and she is going to be at the main draw of the second one.

Sashka's tournament schedule for January 2017

Sashka’s tournament schedule for January 2017

Furthermore, her chances to catch the quali of higher-grade tournaments in Slovakia & Czech Republic now look a little bit more realistic. We need to wait till the 3rd January – a final withdrawal date of the Slovak tournament – to decide where to play.

At the same time we are now thinking to cancel all the tournaments for January-February 2017.

Our crowdfunding campaign seems to be not successful enough to the date. It is 10% of time already passed, and we raised less than 2% of the targeted sum :(. If you want to change it – please support us here.

One endorsement of Sashka from Roger, Novak or Maria Sharapova could change the picture. They have millions of fans, and it doesn’t cost anything for them to say a couple of good words for Sashka. But they are too high in the sky; they do not see her.

But to fight means TO FIGHT – till the last opportunity, till the last point.

Tomorrow we will publish an open letter to ATP/WTA tennis stars to ask their endorsement for Sashka’s crowdfunding. Why open? Because we tried to contact all of them directly, with no success. This is actually a last try.

Sashka is practicing her serve

Sashka is practicing her serve

If this attempt is not successful – we will start “the big tennis travel” through Europe. From town to town. From tennis club to tennis club. From hostel to hostel.

No car. No money. In winter. Just Sashka and her father. Just two tennis bags. And one goal – to play tennis. We will try to support our crowdfunding campaign to raise targeted $60,000 till February 11, 2017.

We will blog our travel (with pictures and videos) – so stay tuned, it should definitely be something extreme :).

P.S. We need some (remoted) assistance during the travel, so if you have a free time and want to assist us – you are the right one!

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  • Marco Campos

    I would like to help by starting a GoFund Me on your behalf. Your story is very inspirational and although I am very far from you in the states, you have motivated me to really want to help. I don’t have a lot to offer but see a lot of potential in you. Once you are in the WTA competing at the highest level, I will be happy to have helped in any way to accomplish your dream.