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Sashka on the go: ITF Grade 4 “Junior Zagreb Cup”

ITF Grade 4, Junior Zagreb Cup

Sashka will take part in ITF Grade 4 tournament which starts today in Zagreb. This is the last ITF tournament on the whole Balkans this season, so it attracts some powerful regional players. Please find below a short overview of a girl’s draw.

We have several powerhorses in the main draw: Slovenian – Jerjavec & Radisic, Croatian – Biskic, Danish – Helmi, Russian – Treschcheva.

Besides, there are some “black horses” who can bring unexpectancies in the main draw. First of all, it is two Croatian players, Masic & Janko, who both have quite a good game level, but unable to travel a lot.

Iva Zelic played a final in Otocec last week. All Slovakian & Slovenian girls, including Glavas who is going to play in quali final today, have good records in this season.

What are my preferences? First of all I believe in Sashka 🙂. Currently she has enough quality to win over EVERY player in this draw. Her serve became more powerful, she also reached a significant progress in movements. Sashka completely recovered after a slight leg injury. The biggest danger is mentality (again!) & self-pressure, but I hope Sashka will overcome it, as this tournament really does not mean ANYTHING from rankings & points view. So if Sashka just relaxes & plays, avoiding global questions :), she can go far through the draw. Good luck!

Speaking about other girls, I would bet on players who play fast & flat, as the tournament venue (National Tennis Center in Zagreb) is very specific: very fast and low-bouncing. So, after Sashka, my personal favorites are Nika Radisic & Olga Helmi.

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