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Plans for 2017


If you go somewhere, you will reach… “somewhere” :). That’s why we decided to specify Sashka targets for tennis year-2017.
Our #1 goal for this season is to normalize a preparation process. Though our crowdfunding campaign seemed to fail, we hope to utilize other opportunities for that target.

It would include 4 hours of tennis practices, 1 hour of conditioning, 1 hour of playing practice & 1 hour of physio, pool & recovery, every day from Monday to Friday, with a match day on Saturday, and Sunday as a day off.

Our #2 goal is to enter top-150 of ITF Juniors ranking list till the end of the year – and stay there. We will determine later (depending on resources availability) what strategy to use for reaching that goal.

Our #3 goal is to earn first ITF adult points during the season. The same as with ITF Juniors, the ways will be determined upon accessibility.

Our #4 goal is to close “a citizenship issue” till the end of the year. For sure, it depends on many factors, not solely on our will & efforts. But we are going to do our best to explore all opportunities and move the issue off the table till the end of the year.

We will go through the year with a lot of smaller goals & targets. But these four are top-level & measurable goals: we can inspect them at the end of season and say distinctly whether they are fulfilled or not.

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