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Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)


Dear friends from The International Olympic Committee,

First of all, I would like to apologize for contacting you through an open letter. It is just a very difficult to reach somebody in the IOC another way.

I hope you will find 5 minutes to read my letter and answer, or connect to somebody who can answer on the matter.

My name is Oleksandra Oliynykova. I am 16 years old.

I am a recognized refugee since fleeing from Ukraine to Croatia in 2011 (given a refugee status in 2012). At the moment I reside in Croatia and play under Croatian flag, though I do not have Croatian citizenship as a refugee.

I am a junior sportsperson – I play tennis.
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Food & Diets

Why Following an Athlete’s Strict Diet is a Victory on its Own


As most of us know, professional athletes maintain a strict training regimen and follow a disciplined meal plan in order to perform at the highest level. Tennis players, for example, constantly work on their groundstrokes and footwork as much as their endurance with the help of a meticulous lifestyle. It’s one of the reasons why the likes of Serena Williams is still playing at the ripe old age of 35, and can still win a Grand Slam title even while pregnant. This uncanny resilience and longevity has something to do with her scientific workout routine. However, she wouldn’t have got this far if it weren’t for her positive eating habits.
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How we met our – calm & reliable – hitting partner (part 1)

Lobster Elite Grand 5 LE

The most expensive part of rising a competitive junior tennis player is NOT a travelling.  Racquets, strings & shoes can cost quite a lot, but it is just a tiny percentage of a total budget. It can be challenging to pay for a court time, but if you are a member of community tennis club, it is much easier to access tennis courts for reasonable yearly membership fee…

But you almost always need to pay A LOT for a coaching (except if a family member is a coach himself/herself) or hitting assistance. Furthermore, it is also the most unstable part of common “practice construction”. A hitting partner can be sick, tired, demotivated, on the go with other job… or just decide to quite because he does not like you! Usually it happens at the time you need him/her most of all, so you get unexpected & unnecessary trouble!

That’s why we decided to use a tennis ball machine in Sashka’s everyday practice – as an addition to a “live” coach-hitter, not a replacement. In this post I will describe how this idea was born & became reality, and also tell about our first steps to buy & deliver the machine.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: this is NOT a promotional post. We did have a (modest) discount from the tennis ball machine vendor, but Sashka does not have a sponsorshir or endorsement contract with it. So it is a honest end user’s review (the first of a few) with all “pros and cons” of the gadget.
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Walking (almost) alone… – or why Sashka needs 2,323 Twitter followers right now

Sashka in Firenze

Last week we met a guy who represents (in South Europe) a very well-known world sports brand… call the brand X :).

While we didn’t aim to get an immediate sponsorship / partnership, our goal was to obtain a kind of targets where we can count on some attention from major junior tennis sponsors. And the answer was… (almost) “nowhere”, except really big wins like junior Grand Slams.

Till that time, Sashka should walk alone, with no hope to get a sponsorship (even a technical one, like rackets, strings etc.) from those companies which widely support young players on national and even regional levels. Below I will describe our negotiations with X-guy in several sentences.
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Coach Writing...

Rising An Underdog (thoughts before Sashka’s first pro match)

It is good to be an Underdog

When Sashka was 8, she moved from Kyiv, her birth place, to Odessa, a beautiful city near the Black Sea. That year Elena Bryukhovets, a former WTA Top-50 player and a coach of Maria Kirilenko, started her own tennis academy project in Ukraine.

After Sashka came in academy space first time to practice in the group, somebody immediately showed her a pretty 9-years-old girl who had individual practices only. “Look there, this girl is going to be a world top-10 player!”. It was Dayana Yastremska. In 6 years she will play in the final round of junior Wimbledon.

Several years later Sashka entered the tennis hall of Good To Great tennis academy in Stockholm, Sweden. She saw a lot of boys and girls hitting, serving & playing on many courts – but somebody pointed to dark-skin guy, who practiced under supervising of several coaches. “Meet the new future star of world tennis”. It was Mikael Ymer, the junior Wimbledon-2015 runner-up.
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4 Youtube channels we use every day for Sashka’s tennis practices

Total Tennis Domination (TTD) - one of the best tennis channels on Youtube

The challenging circumstances of our life sometimes require non-typical moves & solutions. One of those solutions is an active usage of “how to play tennis” Youtube channels in our player’s preparation process.

We selected several of them (just four at the moment to be precise). We subscribed the channels & regularly scan them both for new updates & pre-recorded lessons for the matters we currently interested in. We try to apply best recommendations to Sashka’s game.

You might be sceptical on whether a virtual coach can efficiently teach tennis. Well, I I can say two things about it. First, a virtual coach is NOT a replacement for the real one… but can be a useful “add-on”, especially if you are VERY limited on your budget. We hardly can allow a single live coach, so we have to maximize a usage of “cheap-to-free” tools.  Second, I can honestly say that in Sashka’s win of National Champion U16 title there is a meaningful role of those Youtube-inspired practices, methods & ideas. So it works… at least on the national level!

I would like to share with you those channels – just in case you need some “remote help” to fix this or that in your own game. Also, if you know some of those guys who make the channels – please say thanks to them from Sashka & the team.
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Coach Writing...

Sashka is back!

Short, but good vacation in Croatian Lim Bay before relocation far from the sea

We went offline for almost two weeks for a quite important reason – a complete restart of Sashka’s tennis career. She has relocated to another city & club. She replaced her coach & training system. Finally, she is trying to change her mental stance to really believe that the hardest part of her life is behind her, and “the sky is clear” now, at least for several monthes.
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Tournaments & Trips

ITF Juniors Grade 4 in Cadolzburg, Germany: a reality check

Gerd Hanke, a 75-years-old bodybuilder & gym owner

We are going home from Bavaria region of Germany, with disappointing results and a long to-do list. Now it is obvious that Sashka’s current ranking position is “ahead of herself”. Two first-round losses are deserved; it is just a confirmation of a big miracle she made in the middle of 2016 jumping to 300-400th positions in ITF Juniors race. Her REAL junior ranking is probably around 1000th. It was NOT a bad luck or wrong day – both in Hamburg and Cadolzburg Sashka lost because her quality & mental stance was not enough to win.

Well, now we have a whole month to practice before the next tournament (in the end of March). Let’s see what will be changed till then.
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Sashka’s IndieGoGo campaign is finished… what’s next?

IndieGoGo campaign is officially ended!

Technically the campaign has failed – as we attracted less than 2% of targeted sum. But a lot of things have been changed around us for these 2 monthes in a positive way, and these changes are definitely connected with our crowdfunding attempts. Sashka is still in competitive junior tennis process – that’s the main outcome. She has got a lot of new friends, and we feel support of tennis community whereever she goes. What’s next? Play tennis and reach new highs, it’s that simple.
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