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It’s official: “Big Tennis Trip 2017” travelling schedule!

Meet Sashka on the central square of your city!

Here is an official travelling schedule for Sashka’s September-November “Big Tennis Trip 2017” – come to meet Sashka & play street tennis together, in your city, soon!

Note: This is so important for Sashka. This is “now or never moment” for her! So do not call us crazy, better stand with us & help to succeed.

12 September: Maribor (Slovenia) + official start of Sashka’s second crowdfunding campaign;
13 September: Graz (Austria)
14 September: Wien (Austria)
15 September: St. Polten (Austria)
16 September: Linz (Austria)
17 September: Passau (Germany)
18 September: Day Off
19 September: Landshut (Germany)
20 September: Munich (Germany)
21 September: Munich (Germany)
22 September: Augsburg (Germany)
23 September: Ulm (Germany)
24 September: Stuttgart (Germany)
25 September: Day Off
26 September: Pforzheim (Germany)
27 September: Karlsruhe (Germany)
28 September: Heidelberg (Germany)
29 September: Mannheim (Germany)
30 September: Darmstadt (Germany)
1 October: Frankfurt-Main (Germany)
2 October: Day Off
3 October: Mainz (Germany)
4 October: Wiesbaden (Germany)
5 October: Koblenz (Germany)
6 October: Bonn (Germany)
7 October: Koln (Germany)
8 October: Dusseldorf (Germany)
9 October: Day Off
10 October: Wuppertal (Germany)
11 October: Dortmund (Germany)
12 October: Essen (Germany)
13 October: Duisburg (Germany)
14 October: Nijmegen (Netherlands)
15 October: Arnhem (Netherlands)
16 October: Day Off
17 October: Utrecht (Netherlands)
18 October: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
19 October: Den Haag (Netherlands)
20 October: Rotterdam (Netherlands)
21 October: Breda (Netherlands)
22 October: Antwerpen (Belgium)
23 October: Day Off
24 October: Brugge (Belgium)
25 October: Gent (Belgium)
26 October: Brussels (Belgium)
27 October: Charleroi (Belgium)
28 October: Lille (France)
29 October: Arras (France)
30 October: Day Off
31 October: Amiens (France)
1 November: Rouen (France)
2 November: Paris (France)
3 November: Paris (France)
4 November: Day Off
5 November: Day Off
6 November: Geneve (Switzerland)
7 November: Lausanne (Switzerland)
8 November: Bern (Switzerland)
9 November: Basel (Switzerland)
10 November: Zurich (Switzerland)
11 November: Day Off
12 November: Zagreb (Croatia)

See you soon on the central square of your city!

P.S. Please visit Sashka’s small merch shop & buy something so we can immediately recognize you in the crowd – as our old, good friend!

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