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ITF Juniors Grade 4 in Cadolzburg, Germany: a reality check

Gerd Hanke, a 75-years-old bodybuilder & gym owner

We are going home from Bavaria region of Germany, with disappointing results and a long to-do list. Now it is obvious that Sashka’s current ranking position is “ahead of herself”. Two first-round losses are deserved; it is just a confirmation of a big miracle she made in the middle of 2016 jumping to 300-400th positions in ITF Juniors race. Her REAL junior ranking is probably around 1000th. It was NOT a bad luck or wrong day – both in Hamburg and Cadolzburg Sashka lost because her quality & mental stance was not enough to win.

Well, now we have a whole month to practice before the next tournament (in the end of March). Let’s see what will be changed till then.

I could write a lot about our travel to Bavaria… but this is NOT a travel blog, and I would not like it to be. Sashka is going to be a competitive player, not a travel blogger! So I won’t tell you about nice places we saw and difficulties we overcomed while travelling… but I have definitely to say about AMAZING people we met during this trip:

Nadja and Lukas: our best experience of Airbnb hosts & German people. You are so good couple, so lovely. We wish you all the best! BTW, this is their apartment on Airbnb, it is very cosy & you can stay with them when travelling to Nurnberg (it is just 15 minutes away by metro from the very centre of Nurnberg).

Sashka with Nadja & Lukas, our friends & Airbnb hosts

Sashka with Nadja & Lukas, our friends & Airbnb hosts

Gerd Hanke: in Cadolzburg we met Gerd, a 75-years-old (!!!) bodybuilder, who manages his own gym for 51 (!!!) years. Can you imagine this? You can see this amazing man on featured image of this article (on the top of this post), and below is his flyer to 50th anniversary. It is unbelievable!

This gym works for 51 years!

This gym works for 51 years!

Gerd rised one “Mister Universe” title winner, and worked for several monthes with young Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnie & Gerd: half a century ago!

Arnie & Gerd: half a century ago!

Guys from Tennis Expert company: who provided Sashka with a substantial discount to buy Lobster Grand 5 Elite LE tennis ball machine – one of the best portable tennis ball machines in the world.

We decided to invest in tennis ball machine (using a part of crowdfunded money as well) as our financial future is still challenging. We are definitely NOT able to pay for 5-6 hours per day of coached on-courts practice Sashka needs now to improve her game. With this machine we can partly replace a human with a machine.

We will make some clips with Sashka & machine soon so you can see what the machine does and how it helps us.

Again, thanks for your continouos support. We are keep moving – with tennis in our hearts!

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