How To Improve Sashka’s Service (watching Youtube)

Improving Sashka's Service is a Big Task

Sashka’s performance in Santa Croce showed us many of her weaknesses. Besides of mental issues – this is probably the most complicated thing, as it is far more than tennis & includes the consequences of her “common life” difficulties – one of the biggest problems is her service.

Bad thing is that service is “a separate science of tennis”. This shot is a non-typical technical element comparing to other tennis technics as main action happens (mostly) vertically – not horizontally like in case of forehand & backhand.

Good thing that you do not need a hitting partner to practice your serve. It is only a matter of your REAL devotion to make a progress as a player.

Even if you do not have an experienced coach nearby (who will teach you how to make the serve better), there is a solution just a click away: you can find a lot of really useful video on Youtube on the matter. This is exactly what Sashka & me decided to do. Why ask a local pro if we can use a wisdom of the Web, completely for free?


We started from the diagnosis: as for the first serve, we both disliked a) percentage b) power. If your first serve reaches a target less than 50% of time, and it does not have enough speed, you basically out of game, even if you are a junior girl. But how to improve it – go to a gym to raise your muscles & hit harder? Spending hours with a rope to jump higher?

This is the video which seems to be very interesting on the matter:

It explains how many tennis players serve powerful NOT having big muscles.

Sashka demonstrated a significant progress on the first serve – as soon as after two practices based on this guy video instructions! We will see further how it is going on & share it with you.


You are as good as your second serve” – the 100-times-true for female tennis! Girls do not have boy’s “embedded power & speed”, they usually can’t spin the ball on their inner-feelings… But we can teach our girl how to spin (kick) the serve?

So we browsed the net for the best video tutorials on “how to make a good kick serve”.

The very first was Tom Avery with this video:

Believe me or not, but Sashka, who is a National Champion U16 and was ranked among Top-50 European players U14, was not able to roll a ball up & out of her hand (see the exercise in the very beginning of this video).

Now she can do it :).

Then, the second one – from Total Tennis Domination:

The last one is “less words – more action” video from the guy who is really good in his own kick serve:

Though this video had been recorded more than 8 years ago (Internet is so old :)!), it still looks fine.


Is it possible to improve your serve using Youtube tutorials as a primary source of information? We will see it very soon. Sashka is going to play Summer National Championships U16 next weekend, and then 3 tournaments in Germany (June-July 2017).

Stay tuned!

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