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Hamburg: Day 1 & 2 (Sashka started to make her own videoblog – watch it!)

ITF Juniors G4 Hamburg

Sashka is in Hamburg, she won her first quali match today, and we now have a short rest before scheduled walking to downtown to see some interesting places of Hamburg. Courts are completely full today (10 rounds should be played – I think, it will last till the midnight!), but we want to make some “refreshing” conditioning in the evening. Read below what else interesting we had for these 2 days.


Saturday occured to be “a day of waiting” – as we were not sure that Sashka is in the tournament. Fortunately, it was one free place in quali draw, so Sashka did enter… to occupy the 1st seeded place!

During the day Sashka made 3 (three!!!) on-court warm-ups with different boys & girls. The evening one, with Borna Devald, a promising junior boy from Croatia, was especially exciting!

Meanwhile, Sashka was very busy with her new hobby: Russian-speaking videoblogging :). This is something she’s doing completely alone, from story-thinking/telling to video-editing & uploading.

You can watch 2 episodes of her “Daily Sashka’s Vlog” below:

Here is the 1st:

And the 2nd:

Even if you don’t speak Russian you can watch these videos… to see the tennis world by Sashka’s eyes :)!

We also had one very unpleasant episode in our apartment. We found (through Airbnb) a private room in an apartment just 15 minutes walking from the court. The room itself is OK, small but clean, and the bed is comfortable (though it is ONE bed so we are sharing it).

The host, a young blond woman, looked nice & friendly, she showed us a room, bathroom & kitchen… SO WE WERE REALLY, REALLY SURPRISED when this lady started to shout on us on Saturday morning that we used a lot of soap, and we should not use a shampoo in the bathroom!

It is not a problem for us to buy our own soap & shampoo (actually we did it immediately after that incident). But… we are from Istria, where hospitality is a major business & style of life! And you can never, NEVER, NEVER tell a word to your guest for using too much soap… or using shampoo in the bathroom if it is placed in the shower zone of the bathroom! It would be strange NOT to use that shampoo :)!

This lady has a “Supehost” label on Airbnb… so now I am a little bit afraid of superhosts… They probably all have a big deficite of soap… We will stay here for one more night and then definitely move somewhere else.


We woke up at 6 a.m., got a fast shower (WITH OUR OWN SHAMPOO!) & breakfast and went to the club for the morning warm-up with quali’s 2nd-seeded Masha Bergen from Ukraine.

Girls practiced within the same club in Ukraine when they both were 8 years old (!!!), so it was nice to meet Masha & her parents again and discover what a beauty she became!


Sashka’s first match was not tough but a bit nervous. Sashka led 5:0 in the first set and 4:1 in the second as her quality was definitely higher than the opponent’s one. But Sashka struggled to close sets smoothly as she lost the concentration and made a lot of unforced (STUPID!) errors. So the final score is 6:2, 6:3. The second round’s matches are tomorrow. Sashka’s opponent is a left-handed German girl with quite aggressive game style.

We will keep you informed about tomorrow’s results :). Have a nice day!

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