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Going to Hamburg!


There are quite a lot of routine tennis things happened since my previous post. We spent hours on the court daily, working on what we can improve fast, both technically & tactically. We still can’t forecast where is Sashka’s “honest” place in ITF Juniors ranking (#379 now) whether she is sitting too high or too low at the time. But one thing is quite definite: we have a training process “close to normal” now, so it is time to play tournaments and try to earn some experience & ITF points.

We are in the Venice Marco Polo airport right now. We departed from our hometown in 6:30 by bus, reached Trieste in Italy first, than took a bus to Venice Mestre, and then – to the airport by bus again. Till now, everything is going smoothly, except Sashka’s idea to have her own (private) videoblog in Russian!!! So she asks me all the time to make a video, then watches it, shouts “I look terrible here!”, deletes it… And asks to make a new video! Twenty times! Somebody, please tell her that she looks good!

We are going to sign in to quali tomorrow. I wrote before that by her ranking Sashka would enter the main draw of this tournament… But we missed a sign-in deadline. Hopefully they’ll find a place for Sashka in quali draw tomorrow.

We also have one more special reason to travel to Hamburg… But I will tell about it little later, if/when we convert this idea to reality.

As Sashka is on the go, I will update this blog daily. So – SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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