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The very first post – about our life & tennis


If you are reading this, you are here for the reason.

You like tennis. Or you like us. Or you dislike us (but you should definitely like tennis).

Or you just enjoy watching someone`s else life – just like a reality show. Well, we do not mind :). Actually, we have made this web site to make it easier.  So welcome to the show of one (quite common) tennis family – broadcasting uncensored.

Let me introduce myself: I am a Father. This morning I woke up in 6:30 a.m because of feeling cold. I added some woods to our fireplace, but it didn`t change situation dramatically. So I took the only electric heater from my son`s room and moved it to our bedroom. Not for a long time – in an hour I need to put it to the bathroom, so kids have their morning shower in warm space.

Our house doesn`t have a heating – so we need to use a small fireplace, electric heater… and some hot wine from time to time 🙂 to get warm. Why so? Because we spent money saved for heating installation to send our daughter to ITF Juniors tournaments this summer.

Sashka performed quite well on that trip. She reached a semifinal in Kranj, Slovenia (lost to the future winner of the tournament) and a quarterfinal in Maribor, Slovenia (again lost to the future winner). This trip made possible for Sashka to secure a place in ITF Juniors top-500 ranking list – it is important NOT because of the rank itself, but because of an opportunity to enter tournaments in Europe in 2017. A player`s current rank plays main role in her/his access to future tournaments – this is how it works in pro / junior pro tennis.

But this definitely did not bring a warm to our house.

We haven`t all the time been in need. A couple of years ago we were a prosperous family with a lot of “new horizons” ahead. So we allowed our kids to play tennis, and when our older daughter, Sashka, started to rise as a promising player, we greatly welcomed it.

One day all is changed – no need to repeat, you can read the story here. We took another lifestyle, we started to fight for each & every day of our life. We cutted off all things we actually could.

Except of tennis.

When somebody asks me, whether tennis is an investment in a kid`s future, I always answer: “No, no way”. Good investments are not so risky & unpredictable. It is also not a leisure or “family time” from the very first time your kid won a significant tournament.

What does this mean for the family to have a junior competitive tennis player in it? Well, take a chronic disease, add some drug addiction and season it with religious sect approach. Mix well and drink the whole cup to the end. What you feel now? Welcome to the tennis world, my friends. Stay with us as long as you can.

This evening my daughter will go to the practice – as always, two times per day, all days exept Sunday. A tennis hall will be dark, wet and cold. If raining, water will fall down from the holes in the ceiling. But we are happy to have this for free – as well as we are happy to have Sashka`s coach, Juraj, who is in fact is a member of our family.

If Juraj is sick or on the trip, it is hard to find another coach to practice. Nobody wants to work without money, and we understand it. In this case Sashka just plays with her clubmates – tiebreak after tiebreak, match after match.

The biggest problem of our indoor courts is humidity - you can easily get sick inside

The biggest problem of our indoor courts is a high humidity – you can easily get sick there

But you know what? This is why we all feel happy. This 2016 year Sashka managed to add 500 (!!!) positions in the world junior ranking, while sometimes we struggled to find enough money for a tournament fee. She won a match vs. a (very talented) girl who is a daughter of Russian billionaire, as well as vs. several girls from top-200 ranking zone.

That is why every morning I wake up in the morning, solve the issue with heating, drink a cup of coffee and drive my daughter to the practice.

It is a disease, or an addiction – I told you.

We are still alive. We keep fighting.

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