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Sashka Oliynykova

We asked Sashka 20 questions about everything, from favorite tennis shots to books & music. Read this to know her better.

1. What are your best personal features – can you mention three of them?

Fidelity, independence, hard-working attitude to life.

2. Worst ones, annoying you most of all in yourself?

Nervousness is the first one… Sometimes I can be quite downbeat. At last, I would like to be more educated out of court, read more books, know more about different stuff, from art and music to sciences, crafts etc.

3. What features do you value in people most?

An intellect, education and erudition. I also like honest and modest people.

Oleksandra - one day without a tennis practice...

Oleksandra – one day without a tennis practice…

4. What features of other people you do not like the most?

Radicalism – on anything. I believe that people are different, as well as their choices, visions, looks, whatever… So if anyone is an aggressive hater of something which is just a choice of others, I really do not like this person.

5. What are you usually doing when you have a free time? Do you have hobby?

My hobby is playing guitar. When I have a free time, I also like to walk or sleep :).

6. What is your favorite music band?

Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Queen.

Green Day… This band plays a very important role in my life, it is my “first love in rock”. I even attended their concert! They are still my favs, though now it is less of Green Day music in my earphones.

At all, I like different styles inside rock music. But also I can listen classics from time to time, when I am in the appropriate mood.

7. Your favorite movies?

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” with Emma Watson. She is my favorite actress, and this story is very close to mine. “Kill Your Darlings”. “Fight Club”. “Requiem for a Dream”. I also like good Christmas movies, and all Harry Potter episodes.

8. Your favorite books?

“The Dead Zone” by Stephen King, Palanik`s “Fight Club”… And, again, “Harry Potter” – all parts.

9. Favorite animals?

Cats – forever!

10. If you could freely choose, what tennis brands you select for yourself to be sponsored by?

I really like Under Armour – how they see tennis garments. They are innovative, they are interesting. I also like Wilson, Acics and Lotto.

11. Make “a brand challenge” wider: if you could choose non-tennis brands as well…

Toyota – as I love these cars from being a small kid. When I was 6 or 7, a friend of my parents drove me with her kids on Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This is how this love started :).

Zara and H&M are my favorite garments brands. I also like Yves Rocher cosmetics, so I would be happy to cooperate with them.

12. What is your tennis dream?

It is really the simplest question of the interview! To win as many professional tournaments as possible. To play Grand Slams. To become a famous tennis coach after finishing my pro career. Wanna be inside of tennis through the whole of my life.

13. Any non-tennis dreams?

First, I would like to learn how to make good photos. I mean, professional ones.

Second, I would like to play guitar good, and create my own band.

Finally, I want to know how to paint tattoos – and paint them.

Have something else, but it is more private.

One holiday somewhere near the sea :)

One holiday somewhere near the sea 🙂

14. Who is your favorite player?

If we talk about men – no doubt, it is Roger Federer. Among women, I like Angelique Kerber and Andrea Petkovic. If you ask me about “the legends” – for sure, it is Justine Henin. I remember how I watch her matches on TV when I was a small kid! Her style of play & fight still inspires me.

15. Your favorite tennis shot?

Oh, it is hard to say… I like them all, but I do not have one shot on which I rely on more, than others. Ok, may be a serve?

16. What surface do you like more?

For sure, it is clay.

17. What tournaments do you remember most of all?

Those where I played good!

For example, ITF Juniors tournament on Malta in the beginning of this year. It was quite stressful to go there because of financial situation – you know what I am talking about. I managed to reach the final.

The most impressing tournament, which was all the way different of others I played, is Nike Masters Final for players under 12 years old. It took place in Florida, USA, in 2013. Everything was so nicely, so precisely organised. Like in real pro tennis!

18. Do you have any special memory from your first days in tennis, when you were a small kid?

Yes, sure! Fernando Verdasco visited our tennis school. I was 6 or 7 years old. He was so big and handsome :))).

19. If you are able to choose any country or city to live, where would you go?

It is a very complicated question. I would like to be where my family and my coach are. But if I could take them all with me, I would live in Stockholm, Sweden. I lived there for 8 monthes, when practicing in GTG Academy, and it was a beautiful time.

At all, I like different countries & cities. But I did not live there, so I can not say, where it is going to be comfortable for me or not.

20. Where would you like to travel, if speak about the places you have not visited yet?

London, Las Vegas, Tokio… I also have a good friend in Moscow, I would like to meet and hug her. Hope, I will be able to do it soon.

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