Her Dreams

Like any teenage girl, Sashka has her dreams – and wants them to come true.

Unlike almost any teenage girl – excluding other junior tennis players – her dreams are all related to tennis.

Let us tell you more about her dreams. Or her goals – as they all can be achieved with a bit of luck & cooperation.

Dream 1. (Junior) Wimbledon

Wimbledon is “a holy place” for any person who is serious about tennis. It is a live magic of tennis. Wimbledon has a taste of tennis, a smell of tennis and a feeling of tennis – in its each & every corner.

Wimbledon All England Tennis Club

Wimbledon All England Tennis Club

It is a big honour to play a tournament match on the courts of Wimbledon All England Tennis Club. That’s why it became Sashka’s first dream. But is it real for her?

Yes, it does. With all those difficulties described on “Sashka’s Story” page, in 2016 Sashka has managed to enter both world top-500 list of junior tennis players and world top-100 of her age (born 2001 & later)! The more important, she is keep progressing, so we all believe it is just a beginning.

To make this dream come true, Sashka will definitely need our assistance. Read here how (and why) to help.

Dream 2. Professional tennis player career.

There is about 75 millions people in the world who regularly play tennis. Less than 0.01% of them will become professional players (pros). Pro tennis has a high level of competition. It is extremely demanding on technical, physical and mental conditions of a player. Furthermore, this sport is relatively underpaid, if compared to football (soccer), basketball or American football.

So is it worth to become a pro? Sashka’s answer is YES… because this is something in her blood.

If you’re born to be a composer, you can’t just stop creating melodies. If God made you an artist, you paint with or without money, being healthy or sick, hungry or full. The same works in tennis. Sashka’s intention to become a pro player is not about money or publicity. She just can not even imagine she’ll do something else.

In 2017, Sashka is going to start playing adult tournaments. If she is good & lucky enough, she has real chances to earn her first professional ranking points!

Improving Sashka's Service is a Big Task

Improving Sashka’s Service is a Big Task

By the way, as Sashka is the world’s first crowdfunded tennis player, her global supporters will be invited to participate in her career & tournament planning. If you are interested to co-manage a real sportsperson, you are in the right place. Stop playing “fantasy sports” – now you can make it in the real world ;-).

Dream 3. Her own tennis school.

During her first 10 years in tennis, Sashka has been cooperating with several very experienced coaches.

In Ukraine, she was coached by Elena Bryukhovets (the former WTA #36 and personal coach of Russian WTA star Maria Kirilenko) and Lyudmila Bescharova (coach of junior Wimbledon-2016 runner-up Dayana Yastremska).

In Sweden she practiced in GTG Tennis Academy under supervision of Mikael Tillstrom, the former ATP top-level player and the current coach of Gael Monfils.

At last, in Croatia her coach in 2012-2016 years was Juraj Dusparic, a well-known Croatian tennis expert, who is also a head coach of Croatia girls national teams U16, U18.

Being able to try & go through different, but all the time highly professional tennis training approaches, she is already thinking about how – in future – to improve them and make more accessible.

So Sashka’s dream # 3 is to start her own tennis school – for sure, upon finishing her active tennis career.

Oleksandra “Sashka” Oliynykova is the world’s first crowdfunded tennis player. This means that you too can be a part of her story. Click here to read how to support Sashka or contact us with your suggestions.