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Life Beyond Tennis

Life Beyond Tennis

#AskSashka: all questions & answers – in one post

Sashka on her practice

While travelling through Italy by bus (her final destination was ITF Juniors Grade 1 tournament in Santa Croce), Sashka started a “flash Q&A session” tagged as #AskSashka. It was very interesting & enjoying experience for everybody who took part in it, including Sashka herself! So we decided to place all questions & answers in one place – please find them below.

BTW, if you wanna ask something more, do not hesitate to do it (be sure to include @sashkatennis in your q’s text so we definitely see it).
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Life Beyond Tennis

7 Ways To Survive – For A Despaired Tennis Family

7 Ways to Survive - for a Despaired Tennis Family

How to rebuild your life from the scratch, if you are in your 40s, lost everything & has a tennis kid (actually two)?

I am writing this NOT to provoke a compassion for our family. At some sense, it is our fault (I mean adult family members) that this situation happened. We created it. We should solve it.

I am writing this because we continue to fight. An important part of this process is to identify the ways we can use to rebuild a normal life. So we deeply talked inside the family and wrote down what directions we can move to find a solution.

Another point is we definitely need an outside push/help for most of the ways we have identified. It is very easy to write in motivational books / speeches that “everything is in your hands” – but what if not? What if a one, but magic push can only help?

We are ready to work hard to normalize everything. But we DO need that push. If you can help – help. If you can’t – please share, may be somebody who can help is among your readers/followers.
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Life Beyond Tennis

An incredible story about tennis, Norway (!!), big fishing boat (!!!) & one crazy tennis parent

HERMES - a modern fishing vessel where I hoped to work

Hi, it is Sashka’s father writing.

You probably heard before some amazing stories about insane things tennis parents can do for their kids. Let me tell you my story as well.

While it failed with no results, I still believe I did not waste my (last) money, time and faith. I do not know why, but I am sure that one day this experience & strong determination to help Sashka continue her tennis career will pay off. What if not? Well, at least I will regret about those things I did – but not about those I didn’t.

So once upon a time, one tennis family faced with big problems. A father’s company just got bankrupted – burying his savings and professional reputation. This family lived in a non-native country, with refugee passports. They were (actually, they are) significantly limited in their rights and couldn’t count on any help from the state or local authorities. Nobody wanted to give them a job – as they are refugees speaking not-so-good local language, not having local working experience etc.

The most important thing was they must finance their daughter junior tennis perfomance. They all together – a girl and her family – spent 10 years to reach quite a good tennis level. She is a promising young sportsperson. So they decided to fight…
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