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Big Trip postponed – Tournaments ahead!


After last-minute (a kind of) sponsorshir offer which may allow Sashka to travel tournaments for 2-3 months, we decided to postpone our “Big Tennis Trip”. The new dates are from middle of February to beginning of March 2017. It was not an easy decision, by the way – but our Twitter friends from #TeamSashka have found right reasons for us.

More details for #TeamSashka about current opportunity: in fact, it is not a clear sponsorship. It looks more like a grant: Sashka can travel to 3-4 tournaments, without any obligations from our side. If she is successful on junior tour, she will be able to get some technical assistance, like court time, coach time, gym time etc.  But no significant travel opportunities, excluding Croatia & neighboring countries :(.

So it is not a breakthrough change… rather a short-term, but still very important, victory.

We hesitated until the last moment whether we should accept that grant or go to (already announced) “Big Tennis Trip”. So we asked #TeamSashka what to do:

Here are some of your answers:


…and we have some more – thanks to everybody commented on the matter!

So, we are back to junior competitive tennis this January!

Sashka is the 13th alternate on ITF Juniors Grade 2 in Slovakia 5 days before a withdrawal deadline, so she still has chances to enter quali. Though we (at some extent) failed pre-season stage – as nobody believed that Sashka would be able to travel – now we are trying to make her ready for the tournaments.

That’s all for today :). As a bonus for our #TeamSashka mates – a small part of Sashka recent practice with active WTA player Tereza Mrdeza.

P.S. A sponsorship offer is verbally announced, but must be confirmed on Monday, January 2. So please, please pray for us on that date :).

P.P.S. As for the “Big Tennis Trip” – our tour manager Thomas @thomas_cluck917 now has more time to make all things done without a rush so we could make a trip several weeks later. Thomas is doing a great job from first days of our cooperation, so we both are really happy to have him in the team!

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