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“Big Tennis Trip” – from Trieste to Stockholm, with tennis bags, without car & money


Dear friends, contributors & supporters, my favorite #TeamSashka,

I would like to announce an exciting (though a little extreme) bit of news.

On Tuesday, 27 December, we are departing to “Big Tennis Trip“.

This is NOT a tournament.

This is NOT a practice.

This is NOT a camp.

We (me and my Dad) are going to visit 50 European cities, with just two tennis bags and mini-tennis net, and play tennis on their central squares!

Yes, we want to promote our crowdfunding campaign in such a way. But a main idea is more global (as a campaign itself) – to make sports & activities more affordable for refugees, immigrants & other people who now often excluded from local communities.

This “Big Tennis Trip” has a portion of extreme in it.

We do not have a car to drive – we will use public transport only to move from south to north of Europe.

We do not have money – our initial budget is 100 EUR, we just do not have more. So we will need to earn some contributions locally (in cash) to pay for a hostel & food.

We do not have any permissions to play tennis publicly – we will just come to a place, install the net and play.

Does it sound extreme enough? If not, here is one more detail: our final destination is Stockholm, and Sweden winter is… A WINTER! Oh, I almost forgot: we will travel with refugee passports, so sweet talks with police officers across Europe are almost inevitable :).

We will blog our travel experience every day, so you are very welcome to join us during the “Big Tennis Trip”!

Want to help us?

We need 1-2 persons, who can remotely help us during the trip.

You will go one step ahead of us and organize 3 things (through the Web):

find a local tennis club to practice in the morning (if you can contact the club and arrange the practice, it would be perfect);

find a cheapest hostel to stay at night;

find a train or bus early in the morning to go to next city. That’s it.

Any other assistance will be greatly appreciated.

“Big Tennis Trip” Route

We are going to start in Trieste, Italy, on Tuesday, 27 December. Next stops are going to be Udine, Venice, Padova & Verona. Every Sunday we will have as a rest & time to specify the further stops.

Our final destination is Stockholm, where we are going to be in appr. 50 days.

We hope you’ll stay with us, #TeamSashka, during this exciting adventure!

With best wishes,

Your player,
Sashka Oliynykova
(and team)

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