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“Big Tennis Trip” – Three Days Before

Travel Sign

We have postponed our departure date for family reasons. Now we are going to depart on Friday, 30 December. We will meet The New Year Eve & Sashka’s 16th birthday on the go.

We spent the Christmas Eve preparing for the trip. Besides of the roll-up banner (1 piece) and contribution signs (2 pieces, on the pix below), we need small paper flyers to distribute among our “visitors” during the tour. We will order them on Tuesday.

Cash contributions sign

Cash contribution sign

Sashka’s coach will give us a mini-tennis net… and that’s actually it, we are ready for the trip.

Initially we planned to depart on Tuesday, December 27 – but Sashka’s mother got sick today, so we decided to move the departure date three days later. The “Big Tennis Trip” start date now is Friday, December 30.

Our first country is going to be Italy. So we invite all our Italian friends to meet us soon on the central square of your city. Furthermore, if you can invite us to practice in your club, or play an exhibition match – we will be happy to accept your invitation.

To be continued…

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