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#AskSashka: all questions & answers – in one post

Sashka on her practice

While travelling through Italy by bus (her final destination was ITF Juniors Grade 1 tournament in Santa Croce), Sashka started a “flash Q&A session” tagged as #AskSashka. It was very interesting & enjoying experience for everybody who took part in it, including Sashka herself! So we decided to place all questions & answers in one place – please find them below.

BTW, if you wanna ask something more, do not hesitate to do it (be sure to include @sashkatennis in your q’s text so we definitely see it).

I: What kind of music is your favourite?

Sashka: Punk, alternative rock & grunge. Green Day, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance etc.

Peter Pan: Who are you’re favourite players, apart from queen Sarita?

Sashka: Federer, Kerber, Petkovic

Luca Iacobellis‏: Ok, i’ve got a question i’ve always asked myself. Just look about our young Italian tennis player as Gianluigi Quinzi, ex junior wimbledon champ, or Camila Giorgi, professional player, great future champ but so so difficult break the wall of 100th ranking: what do you think about Quinzi e Giorgi, I mean why is not always so positive issue for the atlete having their own parents as coach?other ex: Tomic

Sashka: It is better to have a parent as a coach or GREATLY involved in the process. But there are tons of other factors for jr->pro transition.

Luca Iacobellis‏: it’s a very pity when you are Pro, so talented and strong, I mean Camila Giorgi, but never exploded with what she deserves…

Sashka: It is a part of a job – accepting risks NOT to “explode”. After all – she is TOP-100 player for 5 years, and she is 25. I think she is OK.

the GOAT: Favourite type of food?

Sashka: I like junk food 😂😂everything I am not allowed like potato chips or ice cream. From healthy choices – Asian (wok!), Italian pasta!

Team Halep‏: Your opinion on Simona?

Sashka: Like MUCH her personality & game style: low no. of UEs, good shot selection!

donpova‏: Your opinion on Maria?

Sashka: Highly respect her hard work & achievements; she’s one of the greatest active WTA players; though I disagree the way she’s back on tour now.

Brandon: Do you have a go to band/artist to help get you through tough times?

Sashka: I am listening music almost all the time 😊but for now there is no the VERY SPECIAL band/artist. Like many of them inside my favorite styles.

Antonio aruM: Another point in your favor, love rock music 😎I wanted to ask you if you know Melania Delai, Italian of 2002, play ITF like you?

Sashka: Sure! We even played doubles together two times. She is so pleasant girl!

Antonio aruM: Thank you Sashka, Melania is so lively and energetic .. I’m following you both with pleasure. Are you going to play some tournaments?

Sashka: Right now I am on the way to Santa Croce ITF Juniors Grade 1. Playing quali this weekend… Then Belgium, Poland & Germany this summer.

V‏: Do you like to watch tennis on tv? If so, tell us a match that wowed you.

Sashka: Sometimes – if I am not DEADLY tired of tennis (my own practices). The last wow match… You will be surprised… Karlovic vs. Bautista Agut

PrettyLilMons†er‏: how are you doing?😊

Sashka & her little fan in Tennis Circolo Villanova where we spent a beautiful day

Sashka & her little fan in Tennis Circolo Villanova where we spent a beautiful day

Sashka: Tired on the go, wanna arrive to the hotel & take a shower… But at all GOOOD!

Bora00‏: How many languages do you speak?

Sashka: English, Croatian, Ukrainian & Russian.

Bora00‏: And which of them is your native language?

Sashka: Russian. My father was born in Eastern Ukraine. We speak Russian at home though we are Ukrainians.

Eusebiu‏: How would you define your playing style?

Sashka: Strange & uncomfortable for my opponents 😀I like non-typical solutions though it hurts sometimes.

Eusebiu‏: With emphasis on strange (junkballer Niculescu) or uncomfortable (Vinci/Dolgo)?

Sashka: I am a girl’s reincarnation of Dolgo 😀😀😀BTW, he is Sasha too!

Alberto the Chev:  In the free time do you follow the tours? Have you considered to give here opinions (even technical) about the matches you watch?

Sashka: Yes, sure! But I think it is too early for me to say something technically… I am just a “tennis student”. Though I can say as a fan!

porando‏: your thoughts on Aga Radwańska?

Sashka: A player who plays HER OWN tennis – whatever people think & tell about it – and is very successful. She’s amazing. Great inspiration for me!

Peter Pan‏: Let me know any time you come to England, if possible I’ll come along with my camera!

Sashka: I dream to visit England, but it is impossible in nearest 3 years. I have a refugee passport, no chances for UK visa.. thank you anyway!

PovaVolley: Your thoughts on Johanna Konta? :))))

Sashka: Telling the true, I do not follow her closely. Saw just a few of her matches. Sorry…

Matthew Ojeda‏: Thoughts on Venus Williams?

Sashka: Legend. What to say more?

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