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7 Questions & Answers about Sashka’s “Big Tennis Trip” in September-October 2017

Big Tennis Trip 2017 - preparation started

Yes, we are trying to do this again! This time, we take more timeframe to prepare ourselves and make this experience even more exciting for us & interesting to follow for our friends & readers (we will blog, tweet, youtube & live-broadcast every single day of our trip!).

So what is the “Big Tennis Trip”? For 2 months, day by day, Oleksandra (accompanied by her coach Mate) is going to play street tennis on central squares of European cities. One day – one city (with several days off, for sure)! So everybody can join Sashka and play a couple of points vs. her – no need to go to a tennis club!

Why are we doing this? How exactly is it going to look like? What cities do we plan to visit? How can you participate in this breathtaking event organisation? Why do we think this trip is REALLY important not only for Sashka, but for many people around the world? Read 7 Q&As below (and do not forget to ask more questions if you have them).

Q1. So what EXACTLY is a “Big Tennis Trip 2017” by Sashka Oliynykova?

A1. We will start in the beginning of September to visit 50 European cities & finish in Zagreb, Croatia, in the first week of November.

Our travel will be organized on “one day – one city” basis, with several days off. Every morning we will start with a regular tennis practice in a local tennis club. During a daytime we hope to participate in some club activities, like kids playing or charity auctions.

Big Tennis Trip 2017 - it's going to be exciting!

Big Tennis Trip 2017 – it’s going to be exciting!

In evening, we will occupy (at least will try to do this!) a small piece of a city’s central square or street, fastly make a kind of mini-tennis court and invite everybody to play tennis together with us!

At last, before going to bed, we will produce blog, Youtube & Instagram reports of everything we saw & felt during the day, and post it online so you can follow Sashka’s trip!

Q2. Why is she doing this?

A2. By all means & reasonable thinkings, Sashka has to quit playing tennis now… Or, being more precise, she should do this two years ago. She does not have enough family money to continue with her dream – to become a pro tennis player. She does not have sponsors to pay for courts, coaches, tournament travels, expensive pro tennis equipment etc. She still does not have that level of results which would allow her to earn prize money from ITF/WTA tournaments.

But if you think Sashka is ready to give up – you do not know her!

Sashka’s next IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign will start simultaneously with the “Big Tennis Trip 2017”. This time her goal is to raise funds to prepare & play on one of Junior Grand Slam tournaments in 2018 (or maybe several of them?).

In each city Sashka & I (as her coach) will promote her crowdfunding campaign as well as attract onsite donations, selling small souvenirs (we will have t-shirts & racket keychains with us).

Why I feel this trip is important – NOT for Sashka only, but for many people around the world?

Sashka is a creator & leader of this project. She initiated & drived it through. Telling the true, I was a little skeptical when she told me about this idea first time (now I am not – I am fully support her). When I see how this 16-years old girl fights for her dream, despite of all hurdles & obstacles of her life, I feel that our world would be a much better place if we all fight for our beliefs with such a passion & devotion.

Think about millions of refugees & migrants around the world.

Think about teenagers from…hmm, regular, but moderate-income families in Europe, America or elsewhere, who dream about something that most of people see as unreachable – to become a famous sportsperson, an astronaut or Hollywood star… Would you say “Stop dreaming, kid, and go for real”??? But may be they are right – not you?

BTW, think about yourself – were you ready to give out everything you have for your dream last time you had an opportunity to fight fot it? And if so – just remind yourself, how happy you were when you got the desired!

Sashka also believes that it is going to be a good “self-check” for her. And… that this will be simply fun :)!

Q3. What cities (countries) is Sashka going to visit & when?

A3. This is a preliminary list:

Slovenia: Maribor
Austria: Graz, Wien, St. Polten, Linz
Germany: Passau, Landshut, Munich, Augsburg, Ulm, Stuttgart, Pforzheim, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Frankfurt-Main, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Koblenz, Bohn, Koln, Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg
Netherlands: Nijmegen, Arnhem, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Breda
Belgium: Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent, Brussels, Charleroi
France: Lille, Arras, Amiens, Rouen, Paris
Switzerland: Geneve, Lausanne, Bern, Basel, Zurich
Croatia: Zagreb

We suggest that the trip will start on 12 September in Maribor and finish 12 November in Zagreb. The exact schedule will be published soon.

Q4. Do you have any sponsors of the trip? Is it a promotional project of something?

A4. Completely not! The only “sponsors” are Sashka’s parents who promised to give her around 500 EUR for gas & food. This trip is also not connected with any brand or firm. It is a public project, crowdfunding-support tour & personal adventure.

Q5. How can I follow Sashka’s Big Tennis Trip?

A5. Through this blog, Sashka’s Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. We will also make a brand new Youtube-channel for the trip – stay tuned!

Q6. I am a tennis player / coach / amateur living in a city where Sashka is going to come. Can I (my kids, my students) play with her?

Sashka & her little fan in Tennis Circolo Villanova where we spent a beautiful day

Sashka & her little friend in Tennis Circolo Villanova, Italy, where we spent a beautiful day

A6. Yes, sure! We will be happy to organize some activities together with local tennis clubs. Sashka is a big fun of kid days & friendly matches. Contact us!

Q7. Does Sashka need any help in the Big Tennis Trip organization?

A7. Yes, there are tons of things to complete & just a few weeks left to do this. So every head & pair of hands is very welcomed! Whereever you live, you can be very helpful, if you have some free time & willingness to help.

Please check out Sashka’s blog & social media soon for newest updates. Contact us if you want to join an organization team, or simply have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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  • Kirill Gavrilyuk

    Hi! I think it is very interesting and cool idea! I am living in Amsterdam and I can help during Sashka’s visit to the Netherlands. Or with something else) I am willing to help!


      Hello, Kirill! It would be nice to meet you – and for sure, your help will be appreciated! Pls write us through “Contacts” page, and we will reply directly. Sashka & Mate