4 Youtube channels we use every day for Sashka’s tennis practices

Total Tennis Domination (TTD) - one of the best tennis channels on Youtube

The challenging circumstances of our life sometimes require non-typical moves & solutions. One of those solutions is an active usage of “how to play tennis” Youtube channels in our player’s preparation process.

We selected several of them (just four at the moment to be precise). We subscribed the channels & regularly scan them both for new updates & pre-recorded lessons for the matters we currently interested in. We try to apply best recommendations to Sashka’s game.

You might be sceptical on whether a virtual coach can efficiently teach tennis. Well, I I can say two things about it. First, a virtual coach is NOT a replacement for the real one… but can be a useful “add-on”, especially if you are VERY limited on your budget. We hardly can allow a single live coach, so we have to maximize a usage of “cheap-to-free” tools.  Second, I can honestly say that in Sashka’s win of National Champion U16 title there is a meaningful role of those Youtube-inspired practices, methods & ideas. So it works… at least on the national level!

I would like to share with you those channels – just in case you need some “remote help” to fix this or that in your own game. Also, if you know some of those guys who make the channels – please say thanks to them from Sashka & the team.

1. Total Tennis Domination

Kevin Garlington from Total Tennis Domination

Kevin Garlington from Total Tennis Domination

Total Tennis Domination helps tennis players understand tennis strategy, mind-set and movement so that you can win more matches with less effort and practice.

I like this video blog both because of excellent content & his anchor, Kevin Garlington, speaking style, easy and motivating. Plus, the blog has a 7+ years story, so there is really tons of useful videos there!

# of subscribers: 18 101
started in: 2010

2. Essential Tennis – Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players

Essential Tennis

Essential Tennis

“Welcome to one of the best tennis instruction YouTube channels in the world! Here at Essential Tennis you will find countless video tennis lessons covering every possible part of the great game of tennis. Browse the hundreds of full motion and super slow motion pro clips of players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Whether you want a tennis lesson on topspin or detailed analysis of Federer’s forehand you’ll find it all here at Essential Tennis. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all of the regularly updated lessons and pro videos!”

Essential Tennis is probably the most frequently updating and widely covering tennis learning blog. Ian (its anchor & owner) tries to cover all aspects of technics, tactics, mental preparation, fitness, recovery etc.

# of subscribers: 85 073
started in: 2009

3. Top Tennis Training – Learn Tennis Online

Top Tennis Training - video blog from two former ATP players

Top Tennis Training – video blog from two former ATP players

These two guys played in ATP tour events themselves, so they definitely know what they are talking about. Plus, they teamed up with David Ferrer (!!!) who regularly appears in their videos.

This channel is younger that their “colleagues” listed above, established in 2012.

Sashka is using one of their videos like a main source of information right now to improve her drop shot.

# of subscribers: 58 966
started in: 2012

4. Tennis Conditioning

Tennis Conditioning TV

Tennis Conditioning TV

This blog is narrowed to tennis conditioning, fitness and recovery issues. They make gym & on-court videos, and also analyze conditioning practices of ATP & WTA stars. Sometimes they also go to more common issues (like career building, sponsorship search etc.).

# of subscribers: 4 537
started in: 2013

What tennis blogs do YOU like to watch? Please share in comments section below your favorite tennis teaching channels & web sites.

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