Time to make a break

Time to make a break

We decided to make a long break with Sashka’s public activities – including both “Big Tennis Trip” and social media profiles updating.

Her blog, Twitter & Facebook won’t be updated from today until further announcement.

For sure, there is a reason for that – or several ones… but we’d prefer to keep them private.

We want to thank all #TeamSashka supporters. We honestly tried to create an “open-sourced” player, a player supported & promoted by tennis lovers worldwide. A player who will play for people she knows by names… Unfortunately, we failed.

Everything is good with an idea. It is all because Sashka is not good enough for this.

We stay in tennis though – you can follow Sashka through ITF Juniors / ITF website or apps like Resultina.

It was a big honor to communicate with all of you! Thank you again – for all your support!

Sashka & team

Tournaments & Trips

Day 1: Maribor, Slovenia: bad weather, empty streets… and a new experience!


We will remember this day for a long… as it was a hell difficult just to come to the street, assemble the net and say: “Hey, people, let’s play tennis”.

But Sashka did it – despite all her shy nature. She talked to people, she said them “Bravo!”, she was smiley and honest. She talked about junior tennis common problems rather than her personal ones. I am SO proud of her.

We were unlucky to catch a bad weather in Maribor. Plus we arrived that day Slovenia basketball team played a very important match. So we met & play with just a few people, but those people were nice and friendly.

Please find out more from Sashka’s videoblog – below. Enjoy!


Tournaments & Trips

Current update: “Big Tennis Trip 2017” – start in 10 days!

Sashka is on the court

It is less than two weeks before Sashka’s unprecedented action, “Big Tennis Trip 2017”.

Just to remind – she is going to travel for almost 2 months without a break (!), playing street tennis on central squares of biggest European cities. We are doing an intensive preparation now, with some successes and some fails already. This is a small update on how everything’s going on by now.
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Tournaments & Trips

Sashka’s letter to tennis clubs of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France & Switzerland

Sashka during her quali match at Santa Croce ITF Juniors Grade 1 international tournament

Dear tennis friends,

Dear players, coaches, captains & managers of tennis clubs & teams,

My name is Oleksandra Oliynykova. I am a refugee & junior tennis player.

Honestly speaking, I am the least probable person to become a pro tennis player.

My family does not have enough money to support my practices & tournament travels though they work hard to supply me with necessary basics (racquets, balls, shoes etc.).

I am a refugee, a person without citizenship (full story here) – so I can’t count on big help of domestic tennis federation or local sponsors.

Finally, I do not have an outstanding, phenomenal talent – all my wins & achievements happened because of hard work and full devotion, day after day.

The only thing I definitely have with me all the time through is my belief & desire to become a tennis player – despite all obstacles.

That’s why I am departing to the “Big Tennis Trip 2017” – to play street tennis on central squares of 50 European cities, promote tennis among wider public (including those people who can’t access it now) and support my crowdfunding campaign.

That’s why I am writing this to ask for your assistance – as my colleagues in playing & loving tennis.
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Tournaments & Trips

7 Questions & Answers about Sashka’s “Big Tennis Trip” in September-October 2017

Big Tennis Trip 2017 - preparation started

Yes, we are trying to do this again! This time, we take more timeframe to prepare ourselves and make this experience even more exciting for us & interesting to follow for our friends & readers (we will blog, tweet, youtube & live-broadcast every single day of our trip!).

So what is the “Big Tennis Trip”? For 2 months, day by day, Oleksandra (accompanied by her coach Mate) is going to play street tennis on central squares of European cities. One day – one city (with several days off, for sure)! So everybody can join Sashka and play a couple of points vs. her – no need to go to a tennis club!

Why are we doing this? How exactly is it going to look like? What cities do we plan to visit? How can you participate in this breathtaking event organisation? Why do we think this trip is REALLY important not only for Sashka, but for many people around the world? Read 7 Q&As below (and do not forget to ask more questions if you have them).
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Coach Writing...

How we met our – calm & reliable – hitting partner (part 2)

Our electric team member & working horse

Just to be clear: this machine saved Oleksandra’s tennis career – at least, on current level. If we do not have it, Sashka wouldn’t definitely reach that level where she is now (National Junior Champion & world Top-500 junior player).

Nobody knows for sure (except me 🙂) whether she will ever enter pro tour & when she will manage to do this, but without this purchase she would probably finish with competitive tennis this spring.

This is our honest review of Lobster Grand 5 Elite LE tennis ball machine & its usage in training process of a competitive junior female player. While we got a discount from local Lobster dealer, we are NOT obliged to post any promotional articles about the machine. That’s why we will notice some “cons” as well as many well-deserved “pros” of Lobster Grand 5 Elite LE.
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Tournaments & Trips

ITF Juniors Grade 1 in Offenbach: the solid, German quality

Jelena Ostapenko (in pink t-shirt, left)

This week brought to Sashka a lot of new experiences: gradually she becomes familiar with the best European junior tennis tournaments (outside Grand Slams, of course). One of such events is ITF Juniors Grade 1 tournament in Offenbach, Germany – a 25-years tradition tourney with a lot of future tennis stars earning their ITF Juniors points & titles here.

In the day of qualification matches sign-in, players, coaches & parents watched the Women’s Roland Garros final on the big screen TV at the lobby of the host tennis club. The portrait of that match hero, Jelena Ostapenko, was on the stand dedicated to the tournament history: in 2012 she played quarterfinal singles & final doubles here in Offenbach! Nearby we also found teenage photos of Pablo Carreno Busta, Ana Konjuh and many others.

Please find below our report on Sashka’s travel to Offenbach (which is still in progress!)
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Info & Other

10 tips & tricks of LOW-COST tennis


I wrote this for individual players & families who are trying to proceed in junior competitive tennis on a tight budget. So if you – just like us – count every dollar/euro while keep going further on tennis trainings & tournaments, may be this will be helpful for you. I will also welcome your own tips & tricks on the matter – below in “Comments” section and on our social network profiles (twi, fb).
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